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SUP Tour on the river Gannel

This experience is a SUP tour down a tranquil river estuary leading to the sea and a stunning beach. During the paddle tour that will last approximately 2 hrs we will explore the amazing coast and looking at local wildlife.

There are options for spectacular sunrise and sunset paddles depending on the tide times, where we will plan the paddle tour in time with the sunrise/sunset so we can enjoy the amazing view, perfect photo opportunity.

Before we get on the water a paddle board lesson/technique session will be provided for those that are new and require it. This experience is a bespoke tour for individuals, pairs or small groups, aimed at all abilities and experience levels.

During the paddle, we will paddle down river, to take in the green water views, with an opportunity to stop for a swim, explore the coast, then we will paddle up river to look for local wildlife. After that we will paddle back to the launch point to land the boards, where everyone will be feeling great, happy and have huge smiles on their faces. it will make you feel relaxed, ready to continue with the day or evening.


The Gannel estuary is a wildlife haven, situated between Newquay and Crantock it long existed as a hideaway for smugglers but has now been taken over by numerous birds and other species. As the tide floods in and people disappear you are left with the beautiful tranquility of birdsong and the iridescent colours of the sands below. This truly is a Cornish gem that cannot be beaten for sunrise or sunset when the suns glow cascades across the water.

Sunrise Paddle 

This experience is SUP at sunrise. There is a choice of various locations along the Cornish south coast. We can sit back relax and watch the sun rise, which is truly a magical way to start your day. This creates a perfect photo opportunity for those keen photographers. Once the sun is up slightly we can have a little paddle in the bay, again creating some fantastic photo opportunities and providing us with the best start of the day.

This bespoke experience is for individuals, pairs or small groups, aimed at all abilities and experience levels.

Private lesson 

A private lesson will provide you with the correct safety knowledge, introduction to the equipment and skills to stand up paddle board in an efficient way. The first lesson comprises of a lesson plan, with some theory, paddle techniques and kneeling to standing with approximately 1 hour on the water, so that you have time to put these skills to practice. Lessons can be mobile, delivering in estuaries or sheltered bays. 


  • A tour on the Gannel estuary is £55 for a 1 to 1 session, £90 for two

  • Sunrise paddle board experience on the South coast £50 pp. £75 for two

  • Private lesson is £30 per 1 hour lesson pp, £50 for two people

Prices include board and paddle hire, buoyancy aid, dry bag on request, photos of you paddling. wetsuits are not included. The price does not include travel to and from site. 

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