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Terms and Conditions 


1 SUP Activities

SUP with Steph makes all decisions regarding safety. All instructions or directions must always be adhered to by the client. Clients agree and accept that they participate in SUP activity at their own risk and confirm that they have taken out their own personal insurance to cover any such injury, loss or damage, or that they have decided not to take out such insurance whilst understanding that it is their responsibility to do so.


SUP with Steph will make every effort to ensure that all activities last for the advertised amount of time, however cannot be held responsible for any alterations in the length of any activity due to factors outside of its control such as tide, sea or weather conditions.


SUP with Steph reserves the right to refuse to teach anyone, and can make this decision at any time based on any factors but specifically if anyone is believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if by participating in an activity they pose a real and present danger to themselves, other participants, the instructor and the public.


All participants of any of our activities must be competent/able swimmers to swim 200 m unaided.


If, at any point, SUP with Steph decides that the weather or sea conditions are unsuitable for beginning or continuing any activities, then the activity will be cancelled and alternative activities/times will be offered or a full/part refund will be provided.


In compliance with C-19 guidance, SUP with Steph staff are under no obligation to perform CPR or perform any rescue/first aid where there is a real and present risk of infection or contamination.


2 Responsibility to inform SUP with Steph of Disabilities or Pregnancy

At the time of booking, clients are required to inform SUP with Steph of any existing medical, physical or mental illness, disability, pregnancy or any other condition which may require medical attention. If any such condition arises after the client has booked the activity, the client must report the condition to SUP with Steph as soon as they become aware of it. Failure to report any such condition shall release SUP with Steph and all other personnel from any liability related to the accommodation or treatment of such a condition or for any other conduct whatsoever in connection therewith.


3 Personal Effects

All personal effects are carried at clients’ own risk. Clients are responsible for their own insurance arrangements. SUP with Steph will not be liable for any loss of or damage to cash, jewellery, objects of a precious nature, electronics, cameras, binoculars, mobile devices, dental hardware, eye glasses, documents or any other personal property and accepts no responsibility or liability for personal injury, loss, damage or third party claims which occur through no fault of their own or their staff, and cannot be held responsible for any of the above that a client may incur whilst participating in any activity.

4 Limitations on SUP with Steph Liability; Indemnification

SUP with Steph shall not be liable for death, injury, illness, damage, delay or other loss to person or property of any kind caused by an Act of God, war, civil commotions, labour trouble, terrorism, governmental interference, perils of sea, fire, thefts, or any other cause beyond SUP with Steph’s reasonable control, or any other act not shown to be caused by SUP with Steph negligence.

SUP with Steph hereby disclaims all liability to clients for damages for emotional distress, mental anguish or psychological injury of any kind under any circumstances, when such damages were neither the result of a physical injury to the client, nor the result of that client  having been at actual risk of physical injury, nor intentionally inflicted by SUP with Steph

5 Privacy Statement

SUP with Steph only collects personal information when clients choose to provide it, for example, to register or pay for a SUP activity. SUP with Steph will not pass client’s information to third parties connected.


SUP with Steph may take photos of clients on the SUP activities to use on the website, advertising, or social media channels. If any of our clients or participants would rather not be photographed, do not want their photos to be used or have any concerns relating to how we use photographs then please let the instructor know.

6 Payment

All activity sessions and lessons require full payment prior to the activity/lesson commencement date. Clients are required to either pay in cash, bank transfer or PayPal.


7 Cancellation and Refund Policy

SUP with Steph reserves the right to cancel a session at short notice due to sea conditions and weather and will not accept liability for costs incurred by clients for cancellation of travel arrangements and/or accommodation reservations. No liability will be accepted for any other costs.

SUP with Steph will endeavor to provide participants with as much notice as possible, should cancellation or postponement become inevitable. If the activity has been cancelled due to bad weather, increased sea state, the client can reschedule the activity or receive a full refund.


The client has the right to cancel within 7 days of their booking. They must contact SUP with Steph via email or other written correspondence and request one of the following options:
a) A full refund of fees;
b) Transfer (re-scheduling) to another date; or
c) Substitution of another person to attend the nominated activity.

In respect of a client needing to cancel an activity/lesson they have booked onto, SUP with Steph reserves the right to charge the full fee for any cancellation by a participant for any reason within 10 days prior to the activity/lesson. If cancellation occurs between 10-21 days, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the fee. If cancellation is received in writing more than 21 days before the activity/lesson, a full refund will be provided.

8 Wildlife

All clients out with SUP with Steph must adhere to code of conduct and laws when encountering wildlife, keeping at least 100 m distance from the animal, remaining quiet, keeping downwind and moving slowly. SUP with Steph is a WiSe  accredited company to ensure people and animals can share the space without causing any disturbance to wildlife. If any clients are seen to cause a disturbance to wildlife, by not following the instructors instructions, the tour will end promptly with no partial refund given. 

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