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At a very young age, Steph had a fascination for the ocean and all creatures inhabiting it, combined with a big passion and interest in marine mammals. This led her to study marine biology. She is now working in marine mammal science, specialising in the bioacoustics of marine mammals. She also delivers Professional Development courses for people working in the field of marine mammal consultancy. When not working or on the water she is busy volunteering for various local organisations, such as British Diver Marine Life rescue, as a marine mammal medic, carry out seaquest surveys for a local Your Shore conservation group formed within the Cornwall Wildlife Trust and carryout out educational and water sports activities.

The first time Steph tried paddle boarding, she fell in love with it, and decided to purchase a paddle board. After some lessons in the local area and joining group sessions, she had the confidence and safety knowledge to venture out alone. She began by keeping close to the shoreline and exploring more of the beautiful Cornish coast that is her home. Before working full time, Steph spent many years working offshore monitoring marine mammals and the change from an outdoor work environment to an office made her miss that ‘sea time’ or as many would refer to as ‘sea therapy’. Paddle boarding provides this therapy. No matter what is happening in her life or in the world, it provides Steph with peacefulness and happiness. This makes the activity very addictive.  

Steph was fortunate with her rescue dog Percy, as a springer spaniel he adapted quickly to the water and enjoys a river paddle, his favorite place is the Gannel in Newquay. 


Steph decided to take paddle boarding on to a new level, by setting up her own business. She is a qualified SUP instructor at Foundation level and is currently training for the SUP Adventure Guide award. SUP with Steph aims to teach people how to stand up paddle and to experience SUP in a bespoke affordable way to allow people to connect with the ocean and aquatic environment. 

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